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Fifth Post

Translated Fiction – Anomaly in the UK What is Translated Fiction? This question has absorbed me for some time as a wonderful philosophical question when I studied for a Translation MA and also on a practical level when I have worked in bookshops and libraries. Is it a separate category? Should it be treated as…

Fourth Post – Connell’s Chain #MenDoRomanticFiction

It can sometimes be hard to choose what type of book to read next – this will be a subject we’ll return to again as it can be one of the most vexatious aspects of reading – should you have a run on historical fiction, biography, sport etc to feel immersed in that genre or…

Third Post

Football Mavericks, Romantics and Philosophers Football and sports writing may be an acquired taste but it is worth cultivating. At this time of year there are many novelty, humorous and quiz based sport books but there are also many insightful stories and essays on sport. I personally do not tend to turn first to celebrity…

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