First Post – Return to Manderley

The Book Labyrinth aims to connect you with books and enjoy the world you want to create with your reading.

As we explore together, I hope to give you ideas to add to your favourite authors and books and find new books to treasure and enjoy!

The Book Labyrinth will be signposting your way to new authors and books and reading pleasure with booklists, discussions, mini essays and reviews.

The Book Labyrinth loves mysteries, thrillers, psychological thrillers and crime amongst many other genres, but it can’t be denied that the Labyrinth houses fiction which will get your spine tingling, those pages turning and the little grey cells working in overdrive.

Return to Manderley

Our first list then revolves around the classic thriller, Rebecca. Everyone has their own version of Manderley, an idyllic place where you want to return or belong, but which seems unattainable and this is perhaps why the book has such a universal appeal and has stood the test of time. Discover or re-read Rebecca, Du Maurier’s gothic masterpiece before you watch the new film or if you’re already a Du Maurier aficionado, explore these other titles inspired by Rebecca. The Winters is a sparkling and tense modern update of the tale and Vera is a dark and witty psychodrama which surely provided the template for Du Maurier’s best-known book.

Dream of Manderley no more!

Rebecca Booklist

Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier                                                 

Rebecca’s Tale- Sally Beauman                                                

Mrs de Winter – Susan Hill                                                      

Daphne – Justine Picardie                                                          

The Winters -Lisa Gabriele

Vera – Elizabeth von Arnim  

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